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Where you live is probably the most valuable thing in your life and as time goes by you accumulate a lot of items to find a place for in your beloved home, some expensive and some not so costly but no doubt with some sentiment attached to them.

Few people think an unfortunate occurrence will happen to them, it’s always someone else isn’t it. Wrong. Such unfortunate occurrences like flood, storm, fire, burglary and the like threaten our homes and our possessions yet a quarter of households do not hold any form of home insurance and by not having insurance in place you are leaving yourself open to serious financial loss.

We offer insurance for buildings and contents, be they standalone or combined policies, for homeowners, tenants and landlords. Our buildings policies include a minimum Public Liability (Property Owners Liability for landlords) limit of indemnity of £2,000,000.

Insurance companies will need quite a lot of information to enable them to quote for your Policy, including build type and the local area for example however once you have advised us of this information following a few questions then we will do the searching for you – with the added benefit for you of knowing we have local knowledge of your area.

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